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General Sales Conditions

While ordering, the client admits having learnt about the sales conditions stated here below and accepts it. The acceptance of all terms here below is part of the ordering process


Blaze Supply & Apparel:

The General Sales Conditions here below govern our products offer and sale.

The purchased products are directly sold by Blaze Supply & Apparel.

Blaze Supply & Apparel  - Sandro BERTOLUCCI Blaze – RSI - numéro de T.V.A. intracommunautaire FR 12 750066565 – 26, rue Sergent Blandan – 69001 Lyon – France. Tel: +33 (0)4 72 02 95 29

The parties agree that their relations are exclusively governed by these GSC, excluding any other. If any condition is defecting, it would rely on the trading lawn force for companies settled in France.

For any information, you can ask Blaze Supply – 26, rue Sergent Blandan – 69001 Lyon – France or by mail at contact@blazesupply.eu.

Article 1- Price

Prices of our products are in euros, all taxes included, except processing and delivery costs. Prices are communicated in Euros.

You are the importer of the products if you order for a country outside of France. For every product sent out of the European Union and Dom Tom, the price on the invoice will be calculated off taxes. Customs duties may be demanded. Blaze Supply & Apparel is not reliable for those duties and money amounts. It will be on your charge and rely his own responsibility, in terms of declarations and payments, on governing authorities and organisms. We advise you to get information about it at your locals authorities.

Wherever the order comes from, it can be paid in Euros.

Warranty, products and prices indications

1- Blaze Supply & Apparel only sells brand new products.

2- Blaze Supply & Apparel does not sell second hand, defecting products or a lower quality item compared to standards.

3- The products offered by Blaze Supply & Apparel and Apparel respect the current French legal requirements. Blaze Supply & Apparel's liability is not concerned if it does not fit with the local legislation where products are delivered. It is up to the buyer or the receiver to check out any possibilities to import or use those products.

4- Products can be added or cancelled without any previous agreement.

5- The main characteristics are presented on our catalogue. Pictures and colours of the products on sale may not correspond to the actual colours because of the printing process. If the presentation includes any error or omission, Blaze Supply & Apparel is not reliable.

6- Product's price can be updated.

7- If you use the right of refusing the delivery, Blaze Supply & Apparel is able to deny the restitution of defected, modified or damaged products.

8- In order to preserve the longevity of your products, follow the indications below:

- Washing temperature 30 degree Celsius (revers the item before washing)

- No dry wash or any drying system.

- Do never iron the printed item.

Blaze Supply & Apparel keep the right to modify the prices whenever it wants to, but the prices will be the one in force while confirming the order, according to the availability.

Article 2 - Ordering

Every order means an express and definitive acceptation of the prices, products descriptions available on sale.

The internet user or the client assume to be aware and to accept definitively these terms and sales conditions before ordering. The validation of the order thus means acceptance of these GSC.

The order will be definitively submitted when payment by credit card is validated. From the last click of acceptance, the order is considered as definitive.

It is planned that you will receive a email confirmation, that proves the startin process by Blaze Supply & Apparel.

For any question relating to your order, please call the 33 (0)4 72 02 95 29.

Article 3 – Conclusion

2 - How to conclude the contract

2.1 In order to conclude the purchasing contract of one or several products, you have to fill the order form and send it back by mail or e mail to Blaze Supply & Apparel respecting the relating requirements.

2.2 The price list includes information about the main characteristics of the ordered products, of its prices (including taxes in force) and ways of payments, delivery (period), sending and delivery costs. The conditions for the use of your right to send products back are available on request.

2.3 The contract is concluded when Blaze Supply & Apparel receives and verify the order form.

2.4 Before purchasing, you will be pleased, through the order form, to read, print and save the GSC for you own use.

2.5 The order form will be saved in our data base.

2.6 The language in force to order is French.

2.7 Once the contract is concluded, Blaze Supply & Apparel will be in charge of your order.

2.8 If an unavailability of the products presented by Blaze Supply & Apparel occurs while preparing the shipment, Blaze Supply & Apparel has to let you know about unavailability risks concerning some of the ordered items, in a 30 days term after the order reception at Blaze Supply & Apparel.

2.9 Transmitting the order, you accept without conditions and become responsible of observing these GSC. If you disagree any term, do not send any order.

2.10 Once the contract is concluded, Blaze Supply & Apparel will transmit you by e mail, a confirmation document reviewing information of the order (information relating to the products characteristics, prices and ways of payment)

Informations recorded by Blaze Supply & Apparel are the proofs of the exchanges between Blaze Supply & Apparel and his clients.

Article 4 – Delivery

Products are delivered at the delivery address you appointed while ordering. Blaze Supply & Apparel is legally bound to La Poste and GLS.

4- Products Shipment and delivery

4.2- We ask you to pay attention to what is stated in this section, because these information are parts of these GSC, and are therefore considered as fully recognized and accepted by you while transmitting the order form.

4.3- Products and prices offers are valid subject to availability.

4.4- Products are delivered at the delivery address you appointed while ordering. The processing and delivery periods indicated are standards terms (working days).

The delivery periods are communicated according to the delivery mode/option.

ColissimoSuivi : between 2 and 7 days

GLS: between 2 and 3 days.

The conclusion date corresponds to :

- The date when the check or the banking transfer has been validated.

4.5- Packs are insured by both haulage carrier in case of robbery or loss of the packs. An investigation will be launch in a period of 30 working days. You have to verify compliance of the delivered product when delivering and before signing the delivery slip. You must indicate, on the delivery slip and with hand writing signing, every anomaly concerning the delivery. This verification is considered as done, as soon as the buyer, or an authorized person, signed the delivery docket.

You also have to highlight anomaly by registered mail and express reservations to the haulage carrier, during 3 days after reception, sending a copy to Blaze Supply & Apparel by mail or e mail at blazesupply@gmail.com or to Blaze Supply, 26 rue Sergent Blandan, 69001 LYON, FRANCE.

4.6- The resending of packs returned to Blaze Supply & Apparel, further to your fault while collecting the pack next to postal services or from any error when ordering, is your responsibility. Once your order is processed and shipped, we will transmit you the tracking number by mail. Every custom costs are on your responsibility. In case of loss or damaged product while shipping, the client will have to let us know asap.

Article 5 – Payment

Every order shipped to France is indicated in Euros all taxes included. Payment will be through PayPal, subscribe on www.paypal.com.

Article 6 - Goods return and exchanges

Blaze Supply & Apparel commit itself to provide you high quality products,

Right of refusing

6.1- You have the right to terminate the contract concluded with Blaze Supply & Apparel within 7 days from after receiving the purchased products,

6.2- In this case you must follow the process explained here below.

7.3- The right of goods return, in addition to the compliance to modalities and terms described in the previous sections, is considered as correctly completed if the following conditions are respected:

-The return process is correctly followed.

-The product has not to be worn, used, modified, washed or damaged.

-The label and the carton have to be attached to the product as original.

-The whole product has to be returned in it original package.

-The returned products have to be shipped within 7 days following its reception,

-The returned products have to be shipped to Blaze Supply& Apparel as a single shipment.

Blaze Supply & Apparel keeps the right not to accept pieces and articles returned and shipped at different time, Legal plaints must be addressed to the Chamber of Commerce of Lyon.

-Any additional details must be sent to:

Article 7 - Security and privacy

Every personal information collected on the website shop.blazesupply.eu are handled in a very private process. You will be able to obtain details about how we handle your personal data by going on « your account ».

Article 8 - Informations / Order tracking

For any details or question: Blaze Supply – 26, rue Sergent Blandan – 69001 Lyon – France. Tel: +33 (0)4 72 02 95 29.


Article 9 - Intellectual property

Every text, comments, publication, illustration, and picture re produced by Blaze Supply & Apparel are reserved as a worldwide title of copyright and intellectual property.

As such, and in compliance with the Code of Intellectual property, it is only for a private use subject to different or more restrictive dispositions.

Every other use is considered as counterfeit copy and is punished according to the Title of intellectual property, unless otherwise authorized by Blaze Supply & Apparel.

Every partial or whole reproduction of the catalogue of Blaze Supply & Apparel is strictly forbidden.

Article 10 - Liability 

The products offered are in compliance with the French legislation in force, It is up to you to verify the possibilities of import and use of product or service that you ordered.

Photos and texts reproduced and illustrating the products are not legally bounded. Consequently, the liability of Blaze Supply & Apparel would not be concerned in case of error in one of the photo or text. Blaze Supply & Apparel shall not be held liable for the incompliance of the contract concluded in case of unavailability in stocks, acts of God, social troubles in the postal or transport sector.

Blaze Supply & Apparel won't be liable for all indirect damages due to losses of exploitation, loss of profit, damages or costs.

Article 11 - Law in force / Order defects

This contract is governed by the French Law. The language of this contract is English. In case of litigation, the French court is the only competent. 

Article 12 - Nominal information

Blaze Supply & Apparel commit itself not to spread to other parties the details you communicate to it.

These are confidential. It will be used through internal services only for processing orders, enforce and customize the communication, the cultural offer and the products reserved to the clients of Blaze Supply & Apparel.

In conformance with the data processing and civil liberties law of the 6th of January of 1978, you have a right of access, of correction and opposition to personal data relating to you.

For this, all you have is to ask us for it, indicating your name, last name, address and customer reference.


Honey Pot Wheels available here...